Executive Director

Herolinda Shkullaku


Born in 1976 in Pogradec, Albania.


After her studies for English in the University of Tirana she worked for three years as English and German language teacher first in one of the high-schools of district Pogradec and then in the non-public NEHEMIA school.


In 2002 the cooperation with NEHEMIA continued further on as she became Assistant of the Chairman of Executive Board and then of the Chairman of Supervisory Board of NEHEMIA for a 6-years period, assisting the Chairman also in his commitments with different humanitarian organizations inside and outside Albania. At the same time, Mrs. Shkullaku gained experience as leader of smaller projects inside NEHEMIA such as the project for Foreign Languages and Professional Forum.


In 2009 she became Head of National Center of NEHEMIA in Albania, coordinating the work for 9 Local Centers in Albania as well as central services of Human Resources for NEHEMIA Foundation.


During this time she finished successfully her second studies in the branch ‘Business & Economics’ at ‘Nehemiah Gateway University’.


In January 2013 Mrs. Shkullaku became Executive Director of Nehemiah Gateway Albania.


At Nehemiah Gateway she finds an opportunity to serve her country offering sustainable and inspirational models for young people in Albania.


Mrs. Shkullaku is married and has a son.

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