Buçimas Local Center

Local Center Bucimas is located inside the Nehemiah Gateway campus in Bucimas. Being the first center of our work in Albania, it is also the biggest one. At this center we serve through these fields of work:


Education - from kindergarten to high school, offering both teaching and professional training to give support to more than 300 talented pupils.

Social and medical work – through which our social workers serve through home visits to the houses of people in need, as well as offering support on our premises for children and adults with special needs.

Spiritual work – in this field we serve with programs for Royal Rangers, seminars and summer camps for various ages.

Because of its location, this center coordinates the work between the two national centers.



Nehemiah Gateway Albania

Rr. Nehemia
7304 Bucimas, Pogradec

T +355 8682 0004
F +355 8682 0005

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