Amaro Tan Local Center

In the Romani language, Amaro Tan means “Our place”. The school is located in district 4 of Pogradec. This is an area well known for its social and economic problems. The main activity of this center is education, from kindergarten to 9th grade. As a protestant school registered by the Albanian government, Amaro Tan School serves 140 children from the Roma and Egyptian community and from poor families.


Alongside education, Amaro Tan School also offers social and medical services to all the children, their parents and also their families, as well as to people in need, mostly the elderly. This school is a shelter for these children, protecting them from human trafficking and abuse, but it is also a place where they have the chance to discover their talents through different courses in music, drawing, acting, sewing, cooking, languages, etc.  



Nehemiah Gateway Albania

Rr. Nehemia
7304 Bucimas

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