NEHEMIAH GATEWAY Centers in Albania


NEHEMIAH GATEWAY in Albania consists of several local and national centers. In this way we have developed a very effective and structured workflow and also clear communication with all our projects. 

Currently we have two national centers, which are located in Bucimas, near the city of Pogradec. These are Nehemiah Gateway in Albania and Nehemiah Gateway University.

Besides the national centers, Nehemiah Gateway in Albania also includes local centers, which are located in Bucimas, Pogradec and Gjirokaster.

NEHEMIAH GATEWAY campus in Buçimas


Our campus is located near Lake Ohrid and consists of eight buildings that are used by all of the Nehemiah Gateway projects, which serve the community.

  1. Reception and main administration building
  2. Social and medical project building, which bears the name Xhemil Zgjani
  3. Church building, which bears the name of one of our greatest friends and supporters, Alfred Wenig. This building contains several offices, a conference room and a library.
  4. Kindergarten and elementary school building, which bears the name of the engineer Horst Koschmieder
  5. High school and Nehemiah Gateway University building
  6. Guest House, which bears the name of our friend Hans Flessa
  7. Guest House facility building, which also has offices, a reception and a meeting room
  8. Mission House building, one of the first buildings, which has been used for living, guests, volunteers, etc., since the beginnings of Nehemiah Gateway in Albania

As part of our facilities we also have two sports fields. One of them was donated by the sports company adidas, which also financially supports one of our social and sports projects, the “adidas-NEHEMIA CHALLENGE CUP”. In our outside facilities you will also find a very special project, a traffic drill project, which is for children and young people to learn how to behave on the roads. At the same time, facilities were also created for assisting people with special needs through ramps and lifts.

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